Delivering Freight Safety Precision Trust

Delivering Freight Safety Precision Trust

Experience the difference with Holmes Company of Jackson’s reliable and efficient flatbed and oversized freight services. Where every journey is a promise kept.

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We Pay Practical MileS

Driving Further with Fairness

At Holmes Company, we’re redefining the way we compensate our drivers by shifting to a practical miles payment system. This innovative approach ensures that our drivers are paid for the actual miles they drive, not just the shortest distance between two points. It’s a move that reflects our commitment to fairness and transparency in driver compensation.

Join us in this journey of fair and transparent compensation. Learn more about our practical miles initiative and how it benefits our drivers.

Short Miles (less $)
shortest possible distance between two points
Practical Miles (more $)
the actual route that a driver would take to minimize time and cost

Our Equipment

All trucks are outfitted with air ride Legacy driver seats, New 8-inch foam mattresses, APU's, and bunk heaters.



Flatbed Equipment Provided

Delivering America

Our Services at Holmes Trucking

At Holmes Company, we pride ourselves on a diversified fleet that combines power, versatility, and reliability. Our state-of-the-art trucks ensure efficient and dependable transport. Complementing our powerful units, our diverse range of trailers, including flats, step-decks, and double-drops, caters to a wide array of transportation needs.

Bonus Rewards Countdown

Holmes Company of Jackson

At Holmes Company, hard work and dedication are recognized and rewarded. The Bonus Rewards Countdown is a public testament to this commitment, steadily ticking towards the next rewarding milestone for team members. This clock isn’t just counting time; it’s a reminder of the company’s appreciation for the relentless effort and dedication that drivers and staff put in every day.